Jesser's Auto Clinic

Services Offered:

APPRAISALS - By appointment and on-site appraisals. Bonded and insured with over 35 years experience. Personal, professional, certified appraisals and pre-purchase inspections. All portfolios done in triplicate with full color photographs for all domestic and foreign models. Stated insurance values, loan appraisals, appraisals for any purchase. Insurance arbitrator, expert witness. Member, advisor, board member NADA Exotic and Collectibles. Member of International Appraisers Association. Active memberships in AACA, CCCA, NCRS, VMCCA, MCS, BCA, OCA, WPC, PAC, PIMCC, CTC, CCI, POCI, LCOC, HOG, and twenty other car clubs. Up-to-date, well maintained reference library.

Certified Master Appraiser:

Joseph D. Jesser  -I-A-A-A- #100231294

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